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Given that the original acquisition of the Belize Telemedia Limited shares in 2005 was fully debt funded, and all distributions received from Belize Telemedia Limited to date have been used to service those debts, no charitable disbursements have yet been made.

The recent nationalization of Belize Telemedia Limited (see ‘Background’), which is the Trust’s primary investment, also creates some uncertainty in terms of the timing of availability of funds for distribution to the selected charitable projects. Upon the receipt of funds with respect to the Trust's former shareholding in Belize Telemedia Limited and shareholding in BSDL, the projects selected shall then be funded.

The valuation process for individual charitable project applications may take many months to conclude, however given that many charitable projects that are selected for funding are of a long term nature, charities can and should still submit their projects at this time to enable the Trust to earmark funds, and to prioritize the distribution of funds as they become available. 

The Trust expects to receive far more applications which fall within these published guidelines than the Trust can afford to fund, so please do not feel too discouraged if you are unsuccessful upon the first attempt.

Those charitable projects that have been provisionally accepted, and those projects for which funds have been distributed, may be reported by the Trust on this website.

The Trust hopes that you find this guidance useful and wishes you luck with your fundraising.