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Before starting your application, please make sure you have read the ‘Project Funding’ section very carefully, as this outlines the Trust’s eligibility criteria and provides details of the type of work it is going to fund.

It is also very important to prepare ahead and allow plenty of time for the Trust to respond to your application. For grant applications over BZ$10,000 it may take up to 6 months for the Trust to award a grant (subject to the timing impact outlined in the ‘Background’ section) and the Trust always advises people to apply to a number of different funders to help ensure that they raise the funds needed.

Step One
All applications submitted must include the following information:

Full information requirement details are listed below. The Trust aims to tell you within 4 weeks if it is able to take your application forward to the next stage.It may be helpful to have a copy of your charity's latest annual report and accounts to hand, as well as any other relevant documents about the work you are applying for, such as the project budget or background information explaining why the work is needed and how it will be delivered.

Step Two
If your project is short-listed for a grant over BZ$10,000 the Trust may write to request more detailed information about your charity and the specific request you have made. After receiving this information the Trust shall let you know if it is able to take the application forward.  If so, the next step will be to arrange a visit or an extended telephone call to discuss the proposal in more detail.

Step Three
If your application is successful in step two, it will be presented to the Trustees at their next available meeting. These meetings occur quarterly, normally in March, June, September and December. If you are making a request for less than BZ$10,000, it may be possible for the Trustees to award a grant between their quarterly meetings. However, you should still apply as described above.

Information that MUST be supplied in support of your application Charity

  1. Charity Name; 

  2. Charity Registration Details; 

  3. Charity Overview;

  4. Current Annual Income with Primary Sources;
Contact Details
  1. Address of the Charity;

  2. Primary Contact, with role;

  3. E-Mail Addresses;

  4. Telephone Numbers;

  5. Charity Website (if available);
Project Details
  1. Project Title; 

  2. Total project budget;

  3. Total project funding required from The Hayward Charitable Belize Trust;

  4. Period over which these funds are required;

  5. General nature of the project;

  6. Project beneficiaries;

  7. Is this an existing or a new project?

  8. What specific work would you like funding for?

  9. What evidence is there that this project is needed?

  10. Why is your approach the best way to address this need?

  11. Why is your charity suited to address this need?

  12. What will be the long term impact of the project?

  13. How will you determine whether the project is successful?

  14. What steps have you taken to raise funding from other sources?

  15. Is there a specific deadline by which date the funds need to be raised?
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